The Dating Casino 31 - 13 Dec 09

The Dating Casino EP 32 Dec 20 09 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

It was a delightful Dating Casino, alright Darlings more than delightful as the winners (& you will have to see the show to see who they are) went right from the stage to Lunanoo Island resort and their Bungaloo of love! That has never happened before – ever! Well it was Quite the evening as I revealed my attraction to Santa in a big way and all the men decided that the hottest attribute they shared with the Jolly Big Guy were his twinkling eyes. Funny, that isn’t what attracts me! This episode was one gasp of laughter after another, and I had to step away from the microphone several times as I was laughing just a bit too hardy.

Contestants this week were Tomkin Euler, sabreman Carter, Creamore Lawksley and Mirandi Okelly, Anna Monday, Cat Elphas.

The Dating Casino 30 - 6 Dec 09

The Dating Casino episode 30 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

The hearts fell, the hearts soared, the hearts matched and were awarded and love made its mark on this week's show. The entire panel was patently adorable and willing to reveal all. A word to the gentlemen, build her a house, preferably a mansion and one made of chocolate too. Chocolate mansions should be on everyone’s list for the holidays. I am getting the word out to Godiva even as we speak, sometimes we make great discoveries on The Dating Casino, well you know that! Our panel this week were, Liam McClellan, Mystical Demina, Christopher Express, Isis Garzo, GenaDry BigBoots, Dezzire Zsun. It’s a whirlwind of frothy fun!

The Dating Casino 28 - 15 Nov 09

The Dating Casino Ep. 28 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

3 out of 3 Women want to meet …………….your Mother, gentlemen! Yes, they see how you treat her and know how you will treat them. I didn’t mean to blurt it out, but I do believe there are two kinds of men in the world- the ones who love their Mums, and the ones who don’t! (So let’s make that 4 out of 4 women, shall we?) And the men were all very different and funny this week, as we had a lot of questions about amusements, including that highly entertaining game we all play, The Game Of Life itself – watch and see if your favorites play it like Captain Jack Sparrow or Maxwell Smart. Sometimes I think The Dating Casino should be a Home game………no place like it, ask the Wizard of Ahhhhssss. (*thinks * – this Will be a question on next week’s show!)

The Dating Casino 27 - 8 Nov 09

The Dating Casino 27 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

This week was fun, funny and funnier. Women followed men to the ends of the earth by a variety of leads, and when they got there were unanimously fed from the tree of knowledge. Interesting that all the men wanted to feed them knowledge yet the women wanted to be fed something. And no one understood what I meant by a few extra inches. I am very literal darlings, and inches are not pounds. But it didn’t matter because everyone misunderstood me the same way, I think…….. Great show and amazing coincidences did occur too! Love Blooms again on the Dating Casino!

Mal Burns, DoubleDown Tandino, Bear Rasmuson meet Slim Warrior, EvaMoon Ember & Lailu Loon.

The Dating Casino 26 - 1 Nov 09

The Dating Casino 26 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

Good, Good, Good was the consensus but where, when and how will be a bit of a surprise. Amazingly there were several moments of complete consensus, and for the Mantasy we batted 1000. What was that which fed this? You will have to watch our very funny episode to see what absolutely everyone picked. And from a Mantasy to the Trigger which gets you there…well I would say my mouth dropped open as the men all are turned on by the same thing! It was VERY telling. It was an amazing show, lively, frothy and full of laughs. In fact Flirtrage was So good this week, I think I shall now write the Flirtrage manual for women. Gentlemen, pay attention!

The Dating Casino 25 - 25 Oct 09

The Dating Casino 25 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

There are incredible moments on the show, full of laughter (and it is possible to laugh in the mixed company for 30 minutes) revelation and hope. The people of The Dating Casino bring their A game to the fore. By this I also mean their depth as well as their humor, their hopes as well as their often glib responses. Glib is good, don’t misunderstand, and I challenge anyone not to laugh out loud or bust a bellow even at this truly hilarious episode. Yet when you hear a man absolutely sigh as he says, “Melons…..” and KNOW he means it from the bottom of his socks – well you have to say, The Dating Casino IS a great virtual reality show. And I mean that from the bottom of my Chanel slippers.

The Dating Casino 24 - 18 Oct 09

The Dating Casino Episode 24 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

This week we started on the men, who were up for grabs. They are those men and honestly most of the times just need reassurance, a hug and a command they can immediately follow. We saw that with their Superpower heroes too, lawnmower men all.

It is cathartic to just be able to tell the world that, “I am a Slob” or “I am Demanding” and on the Dating Casino, the men were able to say just that. We provide good outlets for these things yes. Watch and see for yourself how interesting, funny and compelling truth is to be told. And Spicy too! Well it IS the Dating Casinos darlings!

The Dating Casino 23 - 11 Oct 09

The Dating Casino Episode 23 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

The hearts flew and exploded in this week’s fun fun show. So much to learn, so much to laugh and we did. It was an intense moment on The Dating Casino when we revealed tiny flaws, and not so tiny during the first few minutes of the show. Our first lady gasped at having to evaluate on the spot her greatest weakness. And for TV that is honest and live, it bordered on Reality Theater as we heard her actually thinking what was her weakest link. Stunning moment and full of drama. Wytchwhispers honesty triumphed any bad quality she might have admitted to in that moment. Great TV! Oh and from the High Drama to the barrel of laughs, the show was in orbit start to stop, and note to the birds, Peacocks and Roosters are SO last millennium. Bring on the Hawks and Eagles. We did, we soared. Catch the show and have a good ride.

The Dating Casino 22 - 4 Oct 09

The Dating Casino Episode 22 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

What matters most in a relationship? Well if you are stranded on a deserted island a lot of things become more or less important, as we found on the show this week. What kind of fantasy woman are you? What kind does he want? Different people have different buttons that get pushed, and the trick is to find the ones that you push together. It was an exciting evening in the Love Dome and one of the most interesting revelations this week was “love of Librarians!” Who knew that the cliché of the woman unwinding her hair and taking off her glasses to reveal years of repressed smolder was so so so….attractive.(Ahem, why do you think I wear glasses and keep my hair up in a bun?)Enjoy this weeks fabulous episode – so MUCH fun!

The Dating Casino 21 - 27 Sep 09

The Dating Casino Episode 21 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

This week's panel Georgianna Blackburn / Toxic Menges / Styles Criss / Gatecrasher Braveheart / Cane Kovacs.

The show was a buzz start to finish with fabulous phrases and oodles of revelations.Did you know men do not mind if their women burp? Really not at all - they only have two caveats - 1) they can laugh at you afterwards & 2) you don’t do at their boss's house for dinner. Men are so delightful aren't they! And tolerate just do NOT read their emails, sacred territory!

We covered some very important ground from the circus to the food emporium and when you get to THAT question I defy you not to whisper "pudding" to your significant other and run to the fridge. Always glad to give you good ideas and good advice.

It's true everything I learned about love I learned on The Dating Casino!

The Dating Casino 20 - 20 Sep 09

The Dating Casino Episode 20 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

This week’s panelists:
Evie Fairchild / Scarlett Niven / Kalli Birman
Pb Recreant / CodeWarrior Carling / Nookie Nightfire

It was a triumphant return to the Love Dome and the audience was full of high spirits and the panelists full of!

Tonight’s first and last question were very notable because none of the men got a match with the woman on them and all the ladies or all the men had the same answer across the board. This is a strictly need to know part of the show. This is where “everything I learned about love I learned on The Dating Casino!”

The 1st Question was:
Noticing -- Damsel In Distress / Holly GoLightly / Helpful Heloise / Mystery Woman

And the ladies were asked- what role do you favor when you want to get his attention?
ALL the women picked MYSTERY WOMAN. The men were asked- which of these women Do get your attention? The men picked anyone but the Mystery Woman!

Note to the ladies, be less Mysterious and easier to read. It's first take, men don’t want to get to know better a woman who might have something to hide. Men are sensitive creatures - too much mystery is a warning, not intrigue!

For the last bonus point round, where the men literally bet on which woman will match their answer, the question was, “There is one last container left in the world for you to share with the last woman in the world, what would you like it to be full of?”
One Container -- Ice Cream / Gasoline / Coffee / Lubricant

ALL the men picked Ice cream........ALL! Ladies I don't care if it's chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, go get some in the freezer. AND as Evie FairChild said-
I'm buying shares in Baskin-Robbins!

None of the women picked Ice Cream.

You have been informed!

Flirtrage this week was:
"You are on a panel with someone whose opinion you can't stand. However, in person he is incredibly hot and attractive - How do you get him to come to your hotel room, after you have disagreed with him so openly?"

You will have to watch the show to see how it was answered!

Till next week darlings! I am going to get some Ice Cream right now, for the fridge.

The Dating Casino 19 - 15 Mar 09

The final episode of the season! Stay tuned for the next season.

The Dating Casino Episode 19 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

True Love Blossoms at the Dating Casino!

Hello Darlings!

We have news! This is wonderful and just had to share it with you all - they played & won, Trella McMahon & Lowe Runo our March 1st winners have found each other through The Dating Casino! Watch the beautiful machinima Lowe made for Trella it is incredible - Trella's Song. Lovey actually wept tears of joy! They never would have met if it wasn't for the show. Isn't it time for you to consider appearing? Hmmm? You know you want to! Think about it for next season.......

In other news we are having a brief hiatus as we will finish our brilliantly successful season 1 after this show on March 15th! No worries though, we will be on and better than ever before in a few months. Just like real TV - its time to watch the reruns! Stay tuned! Lovey sends kisses and see you soon.

Feel free to IM me anytime!

The Dating Casino 16 - 15 Feb 09

The Dating Casino Episode 16 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

This week's contestants were Mik Rosenfeld, Nexeus Fatale, Rg Papp, Lydia Karillion, Inorrie McCalen, Kitten Leakey

The Dating Casino 15 - 1 Feb 09

The Dating Casino Episode 15 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

This week's contestants were Lailu Loon, Braneesha Hunnington, Skylar Smythe, Jwheels Carver, Zazen Manbi, Roger Amdahl.

The Dating Casino 14 - 25 Jan 09

The Dating Casino Episode 14 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

The most hilarious night yet with contestants RaH Wollongong, MathieuBC Noel, Hydra Shaftoe, cantara Boxer, Macabre64 Hancroft, Jenn Hienrichs.

Lovey Foxtrot's Blog 13

It was a fabulous funny oh so funny night at The Dating Casino. The panel was glamorous, glorious and took chances where it mattered. For the first time one man got all the hearts the women could give on their What Women Want..To Know segment! I didn’t know any one man could answer so many women's wants in such a short time span but BA Legend lived up to his name indeed.

It was another of those, "gee everything I know about love I learned on The Dating Casino" nights. And it is very interesting where there are uniform matches and then no matches in some questions. Like "His Bad" All the women didn't mind a possessive man, not at all. Some even felt it was wonderful for a man to be that much in want of her. Unfortunately, none of the men were possessive to a fault, but they were Lazy or Tyrannical. Well, honest too. But no points were given there.

Another interesting match was the "Her Bad." Hmm all the women were High Maintenance and only one man didn't mind that- but look out, the man who didn't mind did wind up in quite a good position. For "Her Good" & "His Good" well it was easier. Easier indeed to love someone for their good points yes? Wishful thinking was another hilarious moment, oh if only we could, but hey two people Blindfolded might get confusing.

Flirtrage gave good, and one of the women totally turned the tables and came out the winner. No passenger she! No she brought her own limo, darlings and it paid off too.

I don't think I have ever spent so much time laughing my way through an evening, I do hope you enjoy the show. It was a great night.

The Dating Casino 13 - 11 Jan 08

The Dating Casino Episode 13 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.