The Dating Casino 28 - 15 Nov 09

The Dating Casino Ep. 28 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

3 out of 3 Women want to meet …………….your Mother, gentlemen! Yes, they see how you treat her and know how you will treat them. I didn’t mean to blurt it out, but I do believe there are two kinds of men in the world- the ones who love their Mums, and the ones who don’t! (So let’s make that 4 out of 4 women, shall we?) And the men were all very different and funny this week, as we had a lot of questions about amusements, including that highly entertaining game we all play, The Game Of Life itself – watch and see if your favorites play it like Captain Jack Sparrow or Maxwell Smart. Sometimes I think The Dating Casino should be a Home game………no place like it, ask the Wizard of Ahhhhssss. (*thinks * – this Will be a question on next week’s show!)

The Dating Casino 27 - 8 Nov 09

The Dating Casino 27 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

This week was fun, funny and funnier. Women followed men to the ends of the earth by a variety of leads, and when they got there were unanimously fed from the tree of knowledge. Interesting that all the men wanted to feed them knowledge yet the women wanted to be fed something. And no one understood what I meant by a few extra inches. I am very literal darlings, and inches are not pounds. But it didn’t matter because everyone misunderstood me the same way, I think…….. Great show and amazing coincidences did occur too! Love Blooms again on the Dating Casino!

Mal Burns, DoubleDown Tandino, Bear Rasmuson meet Slim Warrior, EvaMoon Ember & Lailu Loon.

The Dating Casino 26 - 1 Nov 09

The Dating Casino 26 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

Good, Good, Good was the consensus but where, when and how will be a bit of a surprise. Amazingly there were several moments of complete consensus, and for the Mantasy we batted 1000. What was that which fed this? You will have to watch our very funny episode to see what absolutely everyone picked. And from a Mantasy to the Trigger which gets you there…well I would say my mouth dropped open as the men all are turned on by the same thing! It was VERY telling. It was an amazing show, lively, frothy and full of laughs. In fact Flirtrage was So good this week, I think I shall now write the Flirtrage manual for women. Gentlemen, pay attention!