The Dating Casino 19 - 15 Mar 09

The final episode of the season! Stay tuned for the next season.

The Dating Casino Episode 19 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

True Love Blossoms at the Dating Casino!

Hello Darlings!

We have news! This is wonderful and just had to share it with you all - they played & won, Trella McMahon & Lowe Runo our March 1st winners have found each other through The Dating Casino! Watch the beautiful machinima Lowe made for Trella it is incredible - Trella's Song. Lovey actually wept tears of joy! They never would have met if it wasn't for the show. Isn't it time for you to consider appearing? Hmmm? You know you want to! Think about it for next season.......

In other news we are having a brief hiatus as we will finish our brilliantly successful season 1 after this show on March 15th! No worries though, we will be on and better than ever before in a few months. Just like real TV - its time to watch the reruns! Stay tuned! Lovey sends kisses and see you soon.

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