The Dating Casino 31 - 13 Dec 09

The Dating Casino EP 32 Dec 20 09 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

It was a delightful Dating Casino, alright Darlings more than delightful as the winners (& you will have to see the show to see who they are) went right from the stage to Lunanoo Island resort and their Bungaloo of love! That has never happened before – ever! Well it was Quite the evening as I revealed my attraction to Santa in a big way and all the men decided that the hottest attribute they shared with the Jolly Big Guy were his twinkling eyes. Funny, that isn’t what attracts me! This episode was one gasp of laughter after another, and I had to step away from the microphone several times as I was laughing just a bit too hardy.

Contestants this week were Tomkin Euler, sabreman Carter, Creamore Lawksley and Mirandi Okelly, Anna Monday, Cat Elphas.

The Dating Casino 30 - 6 Dec 09

The Dating Casino episode 30 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

The hearts fell, the hearts soared, the hearts matched and were awarded and love made its mark on this week's show. The entire panel was patently adorable and willing to reveal all. A word to the gentlemen, build her a house, preferably a mansion and one made of chocolate too. Chocolate mansions should be on everyone’s list for the holidays. I am getting the word out to Godiva even as we speak, sometimes we make great discoveries on The Dating Casino, well you know that! Our panel this week were, Liam McClellan, Mystical Demina, Christopher Express, Isis Garzo, GenaDry BigBoots, Dezzire Zsun. It’s a whirlwind of frothy fun!