Lovey's Blog 8

Another Delightful Dating Duet was found at the end of our Blockbuster 8th Episode. Preshow was AbFab, I swear we must film it & have this on YouTube. The entire panel loosened up as they traded tails of "SecondLife Embarassing moments involving Real Life Family Memebers, they didn't know were online"

Yes- I thought for a moment I would have to change my name to Lovey Springer, Darlings. And then we all went on to the tune of, you know you have been on SecondLife too long when you walk into your real life living room, and ask yourself, "How many prims IS this?" And many of the women on the panel have tried to put their ex-husbands on mute, including Lovey! One woman spoke of putting her children in inventory, now that's convenient! Get in here early on a Sunday, so you can join the fun too.

The show started and it was hilarious, touching and of course a rousing success. We had around 66 people in the StudioDome, really pleased with this. The Ladies & Gentlemen were in Top Form, The ladies wanted to be WonderWoman, but with a change of accessories from Gold to Silver lassos, the men picked Spiderman for his webslinging ability! (A lot of the ladies choose Spiderman too, they liked that Web thing!) Batman for his toys, and Superman cause he could leap tall ladies in a single bound.

Recreational sports was a very funny topic. Does anyone really play frisbee naked? Just asking. All of the Ladies wanted to go sailing, tip up to you gents reading this. And they all wanted to be the Power Behind The Throne. Some of the gentelmen even knew this and put their knowledge before their needs to win the game. Verrrrrrrrrrry interesting and great moments in Live Online Virtual Entertainment.

Flirtrage was hilarious invoving dogs in the park, the men & womens questions both concerned vehicles (anyone else like a man who moves fast and is easy to manuever, like a motorbike?) which was incredible because as well as Lunaloo the Island paradise- the prizes for the winning couple now includes a CAR! Each!! From Pro Am- no body builds it better!

Another great week, send in comments, question ideas, and if I choose yours for blog or show - I shall send you our Very Special LoveCouch. It even comes with IF you need them!

See you next week Darlings, I am off to Palm Beach for some parties!

Lovey's Blog 7

One of the great parts of The Dating Casino is observing human behavior in that wonderful ritual known as the mating dance. Always fascinating and never predictable I have even learned a thing or two from each week's show. Sometimes I have to point out some highlights, as it is just too amazing to ignore!

This week a few notables-

When asked what quality the women had that a man might first notice, out of the possibilities- Great Smile, Seductive walk, Sexy laugh or the Sensuous touching of hair – ALL of the women picked Seductive Walk. Why is strutting one's stuff thought to be so remarkable? Well, honestly it shouldn’t be because ladies, every man notices your great smile first! So keep that positive spirit glowing gals!

-Also funniest line of the week-
Gentleman: "If I asked you to marry me in one hour, how long would it take you to get ready?"
Lady: "6 Months"

-And watch to find out what can be done with an ice cream cone, what Woman in Uniform is most desirable (The Nurse!) and why the sexes don’t agree on Animal Magnetism - All in this week’s Episode 7!~

Lovey's Blog 6

The Dating Casino just continues to amaze!

The broad and bold replies of women & men tell us what women and men really want. Astounding! In Episode 2 we found out that 4 out of 4 women wanted smart men. Although the men clamed to be sensitive, funny and cuddling machines, no one got a point! Don’t be shy guys about letting us women know you can think.
& what else is news, darlings?? The show has been going swimmingly well. Jetting off to the Rivera to meet with potential contestants, the cruise in the Mediterranean to review sponsorships and of course tea with the Queen who NEVER misses an episode. I think she said she even downloaded it, but you never can tell.

This week the questions continue to illuminate what woman and men want to know. Let's face it we could never have gotten this far without each other, its time to give credit where it is due. "Woman needs man & man must his mate, which no one can deny..." as the song goes. I also say bravo to all of the wonderful people who have come onto the show. There is much to see, say & do each week.

FEEDBACK Darlings!!! Lovey wants feedback- Please don’t be shy about telling it like you see it- we are the beginning of this magic enterprise and DO so want to know what you are thinking! ACW - (All Comment Welcome)

Also sign up to play the game - I will take recomms for contestants- Just IM Lovey Foxtrot.