Lovey Foxtrot's Blog 13

It was a fabulous funny oh so funny night at The Dating Casino. The panel was glamorous, glorious and took chances where it mattered. For the first time one man got all the hearts the women could give on their What Women Want..To Know segment! I didn’t know any one man could answer so many women's wants in such a short time span but BA Legend lived up to his name indeed.

It was another of those, "gee everything I know about love I learned on The Dating Casino" nights. And it is very interesting where there are uniform matches and then no matches in some questions. Like "His Bad" All the women didn't mind a possessive man, not at all. Some even felt it was wonderful for a man to be that much in want of her. Unfortunately, none of the men were possessive to a fault, but they were Lazy or Tyrannical. Well, honest too. But no points were given there.

Another interesting match was the "Her Bad." Hmm all the women were High Maintenance and only one man didn't mind that- but look out, the man who didn't mind did wind up in quite a good position. For "Her Good" & "His Good" well it was easier. Easier indeed to love someone for their good points yes? Wishful thinking was another hilarious moment, oh if only we could, but hey two people Blindfolded might get confusing.

Flirtrage gave good, and one of the women totally turned the tables and came out the winner. No passenger she! No she brought her own limo, darlings and it paid off too.

I don't think I have ever spent so much time laughing my way through an evening, I do hope you enjoy the show. It was a great night.

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