The Dating Casino 21 - 27 Sep 09

The Dating Casino Episode 21 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

This week's panel Georgianna Blackburn / Toxic Menges / Styles Criss / Gatecrasher Braveheart / Cane Kovacs.

The show was a buzz start to finish with fabulous phrases and oodles of revelations.Did you know men do not mind if their women burp? Really not at all - they only have two caveats - 1) they can laugh at you afterwards & 2) you don’t do at their boss's house for dinner. Men are so delightful aren't they! And tolerate just do NOT read their emails, sacred territory!

We covered some very important ground from the circus to the food emporium and when you get to THAT question I defy you not to whisper "pudding" to your significant other and run to the fridge. Always glad to give you good ideas and good advice.

It's true everything I learned about love I learned on The Dating Casino!

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