The Dating Casino 22 - 4 Oct 09

The Dating Casino Episode 22 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

What matters most in a relationship? Well if you are stranded on a deserted island a lot of things become more or less important, as we found on the show this week. What kind of fantasy woman are you? What kind does he want? Different people have different buttons that get pushed, and the trick is to find the ones that you push together. It was an exciting evening in the Love Dome and one of the most interesting revelations this week was “love of Librarians!” Who knew that the cliché of the woman unwinding her hair and taking off her glasses to reveal years of repressed smolder was so so so….attractive.(Ahem, why do you think I wear glasses and keep my hair up in a bun?)Enjoy this weeks fabulous episode – so MUCH fun!

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