Lovey's Blog 9

It takes one to know to know one, and took the three woman to finesse the ultimate love match made. Three very exceptional men, and three lovely ladies were up for grabs. (And some were definitely wearing thier 'grab me" clothes!) When you have style mixed with substance the results are pandorific. That is Lovey's new word darlings- all about opening the box, and never knowing what you will find. One of the gentlemen even made a pass at Lovey, darlings! can you believe it?

Well its been edited, so don't worry, no scandale ensued. (Although this was the weekend that our adorable Teann did get married to a contestant, does this count as our first marraige?)

Again ladies please be aware that the bigger the man, the more he wants blue jeans, chocolate syrup and tenderness. Being something out of a pulp fiction novel is often better left to.....fiction, not fancy.

See you next week!

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