Lovey's Blog 10

Oh how the crowd roared last night! We had 72 people pack the StudioDome for what has become SecondLifes' newest hit show!

If you weren't there last night ( I hope it wasn't you banned for keeping you mic opened!), not to worry, we have the event now captured on HD - go to Big Screen darlings and this is better than the movies!

I am always amazed at the wit of the contestants, and none funnier than Mr. Mariner, especially when he gets going, your mouth will drop at some of the things he said! Rubaiyat was wonderful, mentioned Quatrains, and even Harper (big beautiful lug that he is) swooned.
Oh they each had their fan clubs, all right! Note to all (40 years or so later Monty Python still rules, but most of the Women would like to see their men on Seinfeld).

The Ladies, beautiful & poised were on the whole more Liberal than Conservative, and Played the Holiday Flirtrage for laughs, cookies and taking Santa home. The men were amused, and try as they might to look cool and matte under under the spotlight, indeed they gleamed brightly. (Well Crap is all gleam, but we know that darlings!) The women were happy, joyous and independantly minded. All of them preferred Crayon marks to Karl or Groucho! But as fine artists, each differed. Well done!

Though none of them thought of themselves as nurturing, more felt their feminine wiles were interesting instead. Hmmmmmm, I wonder when that clock will work itself backwards?

A fabulous night, despite the game board having a nervous breakdown- well better it than me! Too funny when you play for love and you get laughs, its delicious darling. Plus What Women & Men wanted to know will keep you rooted to the edge of your seats!

Also darlings! Anyone who wishes to be on the show, please IM Lovey, we are always booking!
Plus open call for guitar player a la Paul or Paulette Schafer - After Christmas my Xylophone player has to go back to the South Pole.

See you next week!

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