The Dating Casino 35 - 31 Jan 10

The Doctor was in and Cybertherapy will never be the same – we welcomed the one and only Dr.Occam to the Dating Casino and although he said he doesn’t get out much you can believe that he was completely “on” though out the show. The men were truly in rare form for the entire proceedings and the women were uniformly wonderful, though no one was wearing a uniform. The game had so many funny moments and we had to take a few breaks for sheer laughter. And Philosophy. And Gorillas of Love. And yes all this will make sense after you see the show. Grab a drink…… will need it.

The Dating Casino 35 - 31 Jan 2010 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.


alt com said...

This sounds interesting for the experience, probably wouldn't say the same for my wallet though. Casino and dating? Is there any other way to spell "bankrupt?"

daren sammy said...
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