The Dating Casino 19 - 15 Mar 09

The final episode of the season! Stay tuned for the next season.

The Dating Casino Episode 19 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.


Valerie said...

pretty hard to make me laugh but the water cooler and the utility closet totally cracked me up!

Russo Lewis said...

This is a "miracle" of innovation. I love it! Second Life provides a platform for the new broadband pioneers. The Dating Casino, takes Lindin Labs at their word
“build your own life.”

This type of crossover entertainment by Pooky Media is trailblazing a path. I think a 'megalopolis' of virtual entertainment is just now coming over the machinima, compu-graphics horizon. Pooky, one of the pioneers. Major kudos! Not just for these innovative machinima films but for inspiring others with vision that implies, ‘All things are possible.’ Naysayers to the benefits of 'magical thinking' step aside.

As Shakespeare penned; “Great floods have flown, From simple sources; and great seas have dried, When miracles have by the greatest been denied.”
All’s well that ends well.” Act ll. Sc 1

Go Pooky Media

Lou Albert Russo